Get Bad Employees Off the Freaking Bus: Making Room For Gen Y

12 Mar

It’s so hard for young people to find work these days. This really upsets me. There are so many Gen-Yers that are looking to enter the workforce with an intense hunger to make something of themselves…to make a difference, and instead, they’re working at BK. Un-freaking believable. And then I go to work and I see the following:

  • Pissed off employees
  • Ungrateful employees
  • Lazy asses who come to work and just sit around
  • People that do average work

These are the people that have jobs. I just don’t understand this.

So why do these people still have jobs?

Because management doesn’t understand the importance of throwing people off the freaking bus.

Yes, I’m referring to Jim Collins and his idea of the bus with super awesome people in it. I completely agree that we need to get the right people in the right seats. However, some people just shouldn’t be on the bus.

If I had a bus, these would be the requirements to sit in it, very simple.

  1. Be an optimistic person
  2. Produce better than average work
  3. Have social skills aka don’t be an a hole

I understand that there will always be negative miserable people everywhere. People that come to work bitching about anything and everything you can possibly think of… People that hate their jobs and do nothing to make it better…People that then, because they’re so miserable, try to make other people miserable… People that come to work and produce mediocre work because quite frankly, they don’t give a fuck. I get this.

But with these people, you do one of two things:

  1. Pay no attention to them
  2. Fire their asses

Because if all you do is spend your time bitching about them, you’re preventing yourself from devoting time to what’s working, to the people that make your organization better. Rather than having countless meetings with your poor employees, spend time meeting with your stars. Cultivate their awesomeness.

We spend so much time talking about getting employees on the bus….on the right seats of the bus. But hello?!? If your employees don’t want to take the bus, why force them to? There are so many Gen-Yers that would kill to be on the f*ing bus. So if your poor employees would prefer to ride bike or rollerskate, please, don’t force them onto the bus.

Because if they aren’t happy in any of the seats, you need to stop the bus, and kick them out.

Here’s a question…If there was a person on the bus with a bomb attached to their chest, would you try to find them a different seat? No, you would sniper rifle their ass because they’re putting the bus and everyone else in it in danger. And that’s how it is at work when you have a bad employee. Sometimes, the only solution is to ask them to leave. Think big picture. Think about the overall good of your organization.Get rid of your poor employees and make room for people that want to add value, that want to be there.

6 Responses to “Get Bad Employees Off the Freaking Bus: Making Room For Gen Y”

  1. George Villalba March 13, 2012 at 6:48 pm #

    Hay lostGenygirl. Love the article.
    Full of something that is not to common these days “common sense”.
    I cannot agree with you more. What needs to be looked at is why does managment put up with these type of crappy employees? Are they freaking stupid, ignorant or something? What the hell are they thinking putting up with this behaviour when there is so much at risk by their reluctance to act. After all what gets ignored gets accepted and if they accept this in their organizations then they are dooming themselves an will be beaten by their competition or better put by themselves.
    Why? Could benevolence be part of this destructive stance that some managers seem to be very comfortable taking?
    Could fear of some unsubstantiated lawsuit assist in driving them to a state of paralysis when it comes to the processing of the documentation needed to finally get rid of some of these dead beats?
    Or could it be insecurity in themselves, as leaders, that takes them down the path of inaction?
    Laziness, possibly?
    All very good questions as to why this happens but we need some very basic solutions and it always comes back to the leader.
    The leader of these lazy asses has to connect with them at a level that makes the situation a win-win for both sides. People are people and they will almost always default to “what’s in it for me” when all else fails and these folks are failing as employees. One key red flag is attitude.
    These folks almost always have bad attitudes towards what they do at work and we all know that attitude is a reflection of leadership.
    So if your a leader and see bad attitides in your group. Take a good hard look at your attitude. You will see your staffs faces in that attitude,if your honest.
    At that point you may see where your bus is headed, and again if your honest, you will realize that you have to change the direction of that bus.
    With all the talent that is out there and the short time we actually have to stay in the lead in a competative buisness like ours, none of us could afford to sit back and hope and pray that these lazy asses with a bad attitude leave our organizations.
    As leaders we must be able to move them up or move them out.
    Get busy….

    • Kayla Cruz March 13, 2012 at 7:45 pm #

      This just made my day :D I’m so glad you liked it! I’m even happier that you, as someone in management, get it. You bring up excellent points. We know that there are way too many crappy people employed these days. So yea, we should figure out WHY this happens.

      You’re dead on about attitude, btw. About 99.999575% of the time, when a manager has a terrible attitude, their staff has the same bad attitude. Below is the link to one of my favorite articles by James Altucher. He calls this bad attitude “the disease” (See section BB). If you get a chance, check it out. But anyway…thanks for posting! More to come :)

  2. Brianna March 22, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    Hahaha, “sniper rifle their ass”. Very true. Your posts remind me of the place I just quit. Like half our staff would call in “sick” more often than they’d show up. And meanwhile we had a stack of applications just stuffed in a folder. Come on, seriously? Drove me crazy. And the thing is, once your business is run like that, then all your good employees are going to leave. So its like management is choosing to get caught in that cycle of constant bad employees, interspersed with a few months of a good employee here and there before they get fed up and quit. Ridiculous.

  3. deboone March 24, 2012 at 2:18 am #

    I feel that everything you post are things that go through my mind at least one million times a day. My blog isn’t my public relations gen y professional foot forward, but I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn or Twitter. I feel that corporations have so many people in innovative positions, like social media managers, that have been in place so long they’ve stagnated and become the negative people this blog is about. Businesses are so hesitant to clean house, but how can you make room for the next best thing if you’re committed to holding on to the dried on boogers stuck to the bus seat?

  4. LH June 10, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    its always bad management. when people join my team they are amazed how much self determination they get when they show responsibility and get results.

  5. DT May 13, 2014 at 12:45 am #

    LOL, as a business owner I like your attitude. I decided to sell and a key employee I cared about went ballistic. I had negotiated her a key position in the buyers main entity or a generous severance and she blew a gasket because I didn’t confer with her first.

    As sole owner I didn’t know I needed permission to sell. I could have just said FU and walked.

    Welcome to ungrateful employees 101… As it ends, they. Don’t want her now becUse of attitude and I get to keep the severance…

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